When you work with Kallpachay you get a detailed focus on student progress and academic success. Our experience implementing our full-immersion, theme-based programs is applied to empower your teacher effectiveness and student development. We create an action plan that invigorates your program by developing your students’ curiosity and communication.

  • Curriculum
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Standards Inclusion
  • Schedules
  • Program Design
  • Communicative-Based Content
  • Core Values
  • Cultural Competencies
emerging spanish programs

We prioritize your educational needs and interests to help you develop a roadmap to achieve your benchmarks in second-language education.

established spanish programs

We evaluate your unique needs and guide you to achieve a more effective, streamlined program for your students.


We guide home-study families and community programs in how to adopt our immersion class model to provide second language education.


Kallpachay works with companies that wish to gain insight on how to tailor their business to the Spanish market. We also set up Spanish instruction sessions for employees.