your child’s first language educator

Kallpachay prepares parents, relatives, and nannies with the skills and confidence to become a child’s first language teacher. Our immersion method empowers caregivers through on-the-job training and off-site meetings. Our services are customized to match each family’s schedules and goals.

Our training and certification program:

  • Recognizes infancy and early childhood as the most effective time to teach a second language
  • Give parents certainty of their caregiver’s strengths to teach a second language
  • Optimizes the time your child spends with your Spanish speaking caregiver

In our training program caregivers learn how to:

  • Optimize their effectiveness as a language teacher
  • Reach each of the essential language milestones

who benefits?

  • Parents for whom Spanish language acquisition through immersion is a priority and goal for their child.
  • Parents that want certainty that their goals for Spanish acquisition will be realized through the caregiver/child relationship.
  • Parents that are in the process of hiring or have hired a Spanish-speaking caregiver for their infant.
  • Parents that value second language education and want to learn and grow while supporting their caregiver.

"Being a native speaker and speaking to a child in Spanish does not ensure that the child will understand, learn, or speak the language."

Curriculum Specialist