Yes, Kallpachay camp is a full immersion experience.

 What are the qualifications of your counselors? 

Our counselors are native speakers trained in teaching Spanish as a second language using our method and curriculum. They are livescan background cleared, TB negative and certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid. Counselors who have worked in ours or other teaching programs through the year are our camp counselors when scheduled allow.


New counselors go through our 7 week training course and are observed teaching and have worked with groups of children for a minimum of 1 year before they can be counselors. Most have their BA or MA, some are in still in school working towards their BA and MA, or teaching credentials. They come from many different Latin speaking countries including Mexico, Central America, Spain, Dominican Republic, Columbia and more.

How does the immersion process work?  

Immersion is a highly effective approach to teaching second languages because it utilizes the brain’s natural ability to solve puzzles and make associations that reinforces itself as the brain continues to benefit from making gradual connections to meaning. Instead of rote memory our program activates deeper memory processes.


Our counselors speak at a slower pace yet also in a natural and authentic way. Campers confidence builds as they settle into our routines and engage in familiar types of kid friendly activities.


The process of acquisition starts with comprehension, moves into participation and then from there more and more speaking flows. Each camper has the opportunity to go through these stages each week. Usually campers will only speak when they feel relaxed and comfortable. Read more about the immersion process by following this link to a page on our website called Immersion: How it Works

At first your child might feel a little confused, but within the first hour the spirit and fun of doing the activities with the group will take over and confusion will fade quickly. Our activities are designed to be hands on, and of course developmentally appropriate, to keep the students captivated throughout the day. We care about the emotional well being of each camper first and foremost, and counselors and directors help each camper feel comfortable and focused on learning and fun!   

Will counselors ever speak English to the campers?

Speaking English is avoided because we use the immersion approach. We want our campers activating their second language brain as soon as they arrive in the morning. We know that can seem challenging to parents, but you can relax knowing that children adapt quickly to new environments, and ‘new and different’ is what helps brain development. Translation is avoided because it is a slower brain process and is not necessary. 

 My child is shy, will counselors force them to speak? 

We have regular rates as well as early bird rates and multiple week discounts. M-F 9am - 3pm $395/wk starting on 4/2/17 Early bird rate $370/wk up to 4/1/17


Multiple weeks discount: 4 or more weeks discount an additional $30 off per week.

 Special half day and 3 day a week schedules do not receive multiple week discounts: M-F 9am - 12pm* *$225 early bird rates do not apply.


3 days a week (your choice) $270/wk - early bird discount $255/wk.     - Payment and Registration 

 Is there a registration fee?

Yes there is a one time $10 fee per camper per season

At the beginning of each week when campers arrive we sign them in and hand them their new shirt. This helps them to feel welcomed and gives a feeling of unity to the newly forming groups. After the first day it is not essential to wear the shirt unless we are at a camp location that happens to have other camp programs sharing the site. Sometimes campers like to be like their counselors and wear their camp shirts each day. At the Venice camp if campers are going to the beach they must wear their camp shirt. 

My child does not speak or understand Spanish, how will the first day of camp be?   

Participation in producing speech is voluntary, and as soon as a child feels safe and motivated speech practice will come naturally. We strive from the first moments of the camp week to help all our campers feel comfortable and then we know the motivation to speak will come. Spanish at our camp is about joy and fun so that association with Spanish is a lifelong interest! 

How much does camp cost and are there discounts? 

When does my camper need to wear the shirt? 

 Is your camp 100% Spanish immersion with native speaking counselors?

How do I register? 

First click on one of our registration button links to be directed to our secure registration page. As soon as you select your first week you will prompted to set up your account which takes only a minute. Later on you can go back in and finish the form questions. It’s easiest if you enter from our website location page by clicking the ‘register here’ button under the location you want to register for.


If you want to see location pictures and themes by week then follow this link to the location page on our website: click here then click the ‘register button’ under the location you wish to register for. The Agoura Camp location link takes you to the City of Agoura Rec. website.  

 Click the location of choice below to go directly to our payment/registration platform. (if you prefer to see maps or location images click to our locations page here )

Do I have to pay the full amount at time of registering? 

No, you will need to pay a $100 deposit to hold your child’s space for your desired schedule. You will receive timely reminders to pay your balance by May 1st and June 1st. The final balance is due by June 1st. If your payment is not received in full by June 1st and you do not contact us you may lose your deposit and your space. Also if you had registered before April 1st to receive the early bird discount but have not paid your full payment by June 1st you will lose your early bird discounts and multiple week discounts.

If I am registering a returning camper from last summer do I need to create a new account? 

No, all the registration information you entered last summer is saved on your account page. This is available to you to check 24/7 by logging on with the email you used to create your account and your password. Here is the link. There are a few minor changes on the forms and you can go in at any time and update your information. If you have any questions please contact 

What is the daily schedule?  

Camp begins at 9:00am, drop off begins at 8:50am. The camp day ends at 3:00pm. If you need help with your schedule do not hesitate to let us know by texting your site director for day of changes to your early or after care needs. (one time early care is $7 and one aftercare is $15 payable at time of pick up).


Kallpachay Adventure Camp : SAMPLE CAMP SCHEDULE:

All our activities will relate to the theme of the week!


8 - 9 Early care Camp day starts: 8:50 - 9 drop off

9 - 9:30 Welcome circle, morning meeting, songs, games.

9:30 - 10 Art & craft activity

10 - 10:30 Morning snack and play break

10:30 - 10:50 Gardening

10:50 - 12:00 Games, arts, tailor made activity pages reinforce the theme vocabulary.

12 - 12:45 Lunch break

12:45 - 1:15 Sports (yoga, challenge circuits, waterwise games, tag, etc. or (pool time for Tarzana location only)

1:15 - 1:45 Science experiments and messy projects

1:45 - 2:30 Cooking, finishing up earlier projects - songs, new games for vocab. review, group challenges

2:30 - 2:45 Afternoon snack

2:45 - 3:00 Closing Circle goodbyes, ready for pick up!

3 - 6pm Late care (routine of outdoor play alternating with free choice centers in art, building and board games).  

What will my child be learning about? 

This summer we jump into the Arts and Sciences with new themes each week. The themes are: Artists in Action, Fantastic Photography, Amazing Architecture, Crazy Climates, Magnificent Planet, Peek Inside Animal Habitats, World Cuisine.


Please go to this link to read more about our summer camp themed activities. Email if you would like to receive an in-depth syllabus. Visit this page for weekly themes by location. 

How much does early and late care cost? 

You can add these services on once you are clicked through from the main registration page where you select your first camp week schedule. The next screen after you make your selection will give you options for add on items which are early and late care choices. These are the rates per week:


M-F early care 8 - 9am: $30 3 day early care $21 M-F late care 3 - 6pm $70 3 day late care $51 M-F early and late care combined: $100 3 day early and late care combined: $70. (one time early care is $7 and one aftercare is $15 payable at time of pick up). 

How can I add on multiple weeks?

All the discounts will automatically apply if you are eligible. If you are registering for 5, 6 or 7 weeks you will only receive the 4 week discounts at check out. Email  for the promo codes for weeks 5, 6 or 7.

How do I receive the discounts?

Once you finish your add on items for the first week selection the system will ask you if you want to make another camp week choice.

Is early and late care also in Spanish?

Yes, early and late care is also part of our full immersion program. 

How large are your groups? 

Ages 4 - 5 are in groups of 6 - 10 campers with a counselor and assistant . Ages 6 - 9 are in groups of 12 - 16 campers with a counselor and assistant. A site director is also available.

Do you offer scholarships? 

Yes, there are a few 50% tuition assistance spaces available for one week of camp based on need. Upon review of financial statements in the order they are received you will be notified as soon as the location you requested has a minimum number of campers to start weeks. Email or mail your prefered location and week and most recent tax return. 

Do you have any open houses? 

Yes, you and your camper can come and visit the location where the camp is going to be and try out our activities with our counselors. View open house schedules , or fill out an interest form here and you will be contacted when new dates are added. 


Older children may go in pairs to the bathroom and children ages 4-5 will be accompanied by a counselor. 

Do you have field trips? 

The only camp with off campus activities is our Venice location where campers ages 7-9 will have the option of afternoons at Venice beach once weekly. A certified water safety counselor will be present during beach days. The campers can play in the water up to their waist. Campers that do not want to go will not be required to go and will have planned activities at the Venice camp location. 

Do you have swimming? 

The only camp location with a pool is our Tarzana camp. That pool is 3.6 ft. deep and so it is perfect for water play and cooling off. Only campers that have been tested in as swimmers can be part of the pool program. There will be an option for private and semi private swim classes at an additional fee for those that want their camper to learn how to swim this summer. Campers will be supervised by a counselor certified as a lifeguard at all times when in the pool. You can opt-in or out of pool activities. 

Do I have to pack a lunch and snack? 

Yes, you will send your child to camp with plenty of healthy food for snack and lunch to give them lots of energy throughout the day. Also send them with a refillable water bottle. 

Do you offer refunds?    

For all cases of refunds that fall into one of the categories below please note that if you’ve paid by credit card the 4% processing fee will not be refunded.  Additionally there is a $5 fee per weekly registration. The only time you can receive a refund for summer camp is if you send an email to hola@kallpachay.comanytime before 3 weeks to your start date. If you cannot make your camp dates after that you will be given credit toward future camps only if an email is received anytime prior to 1 week to your start date informing us that you are releasing your space to another camper. *On a case by case basis and under extreme circumstances exceptions are possible. Extended day refunds: You may receive refunds for your extended day payments if your camper is attending camp and you have made other arrangements.