What makes an artist unique?  Jump into finger fun and the artistic world of Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso! 

Exploring a variety of mediums campers will have the opportunity to create their art in similar styles while also creatively expressing their own artistic voices. 


Campers will learn how to describe their art by speaking about style, colors, shapes, quantity and spatial relationship. 


Activities include actively exploring colors and shapes through exciting races, musical chairs, theme songs, hand animals, face painting, fake tattoos, science of mixing paints and rainbows, flower trees, bingo, and much more!


Kallpachay campers discover the tools that make photographers great. Campers will learn where to position objects in a photo to achieve fun effects. 


Activities include making double exposures, creative self-portraits, photograms, pinhole cameras, photographic mosaics, photo puzzle games, pop singer’s song about photos, plus the alphabet.  Campers play memory, go through mazes and follow a treasure map, play pictionary, picture scavenger hunt, and make photo projects using principles of symmetry and more.


As the week progresses campers learn how to describe what they like about their photos by the elements, point of view, horizontal/vertical, and perspective.  They also learn the rule of thirds, parts of the camera and how to use filters.


What makes a city unique? Come explore cities from around the world in Amazing Architecture at Kallpachay Camp. Campers will be able to identify the Colosseum of Rome, the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and understand why Gaudi’s architecture is so popular in Barcelona. 


Campers will learn what cities have in common and what makes some so unique. Activities include designing and building a mini city with recyclables and lots of fun craft choices that make adding details from train tracks, to lights, to fountains easy. Then become an engineer and build a model bridge. 


At the end of the week campers can describe what they love about their city and practice how to give directions to find their way around.

It’s fun to make discoveries with camper friends when learning about the natural forces creating our weather.   Campers get to see these forces at play and interact doing experiments.


During climate week campers do many hands on activities like make a solar oven, solar chimney, rainbow windsock, climate clock, fake snow, and much more!  


Campers play silly games like directional tag, seasons’ charades, weather pictionary, and join in for our mashup temperature change dance party.


Our highly engaging progressive and dynamic curriculum is taught by native Spanish teachers.  They bring our fun themes to life in a context rich and joyful environment.


When your child experiences our lively art and play based approach doing things they enjoy they look forward to each camp day.


Our counselors are highly skilled at communicating meaning using familiarity to cross language barriers and promote acquisition in a caring and comfortable environment. Each week also includes science, art, singing, drama, nature, dance, fitness, sports, cooking, reading and writing.

IOur campers’ imaginations help them to soar like eagles above mountains, slither like snakes on the desert sands, ride volcanic eruptions from ocean depths, or dam up rivers like beavers.  


Our beautiful planet comes alive as we celebrate its diversity together at camp.  Campers design and construct a mountain to measure water flow speed, practice and race through our landforms’ obstacle course, fit the earth on a balloon, make earth puzzles, mix-up some magic modeling goo and sculpt their own unique landforms and much more!


Our campers ‘visit’ many wonderful animals in their homes on this journey of discovery. We unlock the code for the secret keys to figure out what they eat, who they live with and where they live.  Why do certain animals stay in one place while others travel great distances?  How do animals interact with their environment?


Campers use natural and recycled materials to construct habitats for their favorite animals from our theme and take home their own succulent garden for ants and meerkats, a coral reef for sharks and eels, plus forests and farms for bears and cows.  


Kallpachay campers transform lunch into a forest cafe with silly items on the menu, play spin the wheel of chance, habitat match game, search for treasure, face paint and much more.