There are many stages to language acquisition the last of which is speech production. Each camper will cycle through the stages at their own pace based on prior exposure and their own learning patterns and affinities.


Language learning is a gradual process and a majority of the absorption may be undetectable for quite awhile. We have heard from parents that they notice their child starting to use more Spanish in the home, sing the songs, pick up on other people speaking Spanish and above all adopt a positive association with speaking Spanish for some this happens rather quickly and for others it may take longer.


However children will slowly start learning and sharing what they know if they feel comfortable. Feel free to check in with your site director who can share from her observations how your child is using Spanish during camp.


Please follow this link to our blog article to read more on the topic: ‘Top 6 Things to Look for in Evaluating a Language Program’ 

Will my child learn Spanish if they attend camp for one or two weeks?  

Yes, each week of camp is a well rounded experience complete with a wide range of activities and songs. They will have learned how to work with the vocabulary in a variety of ways, read and write in Spanish too. If immersion learning is new for the camper the short time with us will give them confidence and awareness for future language learning and a positive association with the process! 

 How can I monitor my child's speaking progress? 

Will my child be bored if they do the whole summer of Kallpachay Adventure Camp?   

Our camp is called Adventure Camp because we create new adventures each day for kids to participate in and learn from. We structure the days so that it is a balance of group and individual time as well as active and quiet time.

Our camp offers a healthy balance with plenty of support and new, dynamic themes each week that progress from the week before in skill building from art lessons, writing, gardening, reading, science and sports. It is a great way to start the new school year with strengthened abilities. Staying with us for multiple weeks is also a great way to cut your summer camp fees a considerable amount.


Register by 4/1 for early bird $370 and then take off another $30 a week for 4 or more weeks, making a 6 week camp a total of $2,040 for 9am - 3pm, M-F That comes out to $68 per day, it is like getting double the value, camp fun while learning Spanish!

What opportunities are there to have my child continue learning Spanish after camp ends?  

Our services include home group classes, privates, classes at locations and school based enrichment classes. If you would like our program at your school or any of the other options please email- for rates and schedules: 

My child has special needs, how can we cooperate together to make sure camp staff is prepared? 

Our camp is designed for small groups of campers for the language learning practice to be effective. Children that DO NOT thrive in loud, crowded environments do enjoy our small family like feel. We want to reach as many children as possible that want to learn Spanish in a fun way but we will avoid oversized groups.


Depending on the situation it is very possible we can modify what we are doing to help your child and by letting us know before you register what you might need us to do we can have that helpful conversation to be sure we will be able to recommend this program for your child. Once we have a strategy in mind then the camp director will inform the counselors and remind you what to write on your registration form.  

Do you have a newsletter? 

Yes! To sign up for the newsletter mailing list please click this link to fill out our simple opt in form. Join to receive monthly camp updates, demo dates, summer camp events we will be attending and to easily share us with your friends. 

Do you offer partial week schedules for camp? 

Can we switch locations? 

While we encourage full week participation for the learning to take hold and build on the day before we do understand that families may need more flexible options so this year we have included two new options: Option 1:3 full days a week and Option 2: 5 half day options. All camp fees can be found here on our camp details page.

Yes, you may switch locations at any time for the camps that include Santa Monica, Venice, Pasadena and Tarzana or any location you register through us directly. 

Do you have any special camp days? What happens on those days?   

What personal items can my child bring?   

Can we purchase a lunch option?  

At Kallpachay Adventure Camp we create celebrations that connect with our themes and take place every Thursday afternoon. These days are scheduled for Thursday afternoons and campers get excited about it when we share the special activities we have planned. Sometimes there are items you have at home that tie into the theme and then we will remind you about that option the week prior to camp. These are usually things campers like to share that they have already, there is no need to ever purchase anything extra for celebration days. 

Lunch, snack, water bottles and all clothes must be clearly labeled. We discourage sending any personal items from home but we understand that some children are comforted when they can have these items with them. It is best to explain to your child that all personal items are to be left in backpacks and can be taken out only during lunch break time, and children are responsible for keeping track of their things. We do not take responsibility for lost personal items. There are no electronics allowed at camp.

There is a question on the registration form that will help us determine if we have enough interest to partner with a healthy lunch delivery provider. The fees per lunch are $8 for that service and you will receive a menu one month prior to camp start where you can pick and choose the lunches that you want to purchase.