Kallpachay Spanish Immersion Camp has been about adventure from day one. Spanish with us comes directly from our name which is actually from the Incan language and means to persevere and inspire. The effort and expertise that goes

into fulfilling our promise of quality language education is why kids stay with us. 


Our recipe for success continues to be about combining creative activity with Spanish. Add into the mix a healthy handful of experienced and dedicated teachers that know just how to zest it up with their unique, flavorful spirit. I encourage families to tell their kids we are an adventure camp because we in fact do much more than teach Spanish.

 In three exciting years since embarking on this adventure starting with a single camp in a few Hollywood Hills’ backyards we’ve expanded to reach over two hundred and fifty children in twenty-five different class and camp locations. I am delighted to meet all the culturally diverse families that understand just how vital and extremely practical it is to start children on language learning when they are young.

Kallpachay teachers come from diverse countries and backgrounds with a wide range of experience. All have a love of their language and are kind, warm, cheery, worldly, encouraging and patient in working with kids. We hand select our teachers for specific qualities.


They must first and foremost prove their talent to teach Spanish and then are provided ongoing support with professional development materials, resources and workshops so that they can further develop the art of teaching a second language. Many have first hand experience of either learning English in the recent past or in teaching their own children Spanish as

a second language.


Many have studied Spanish literature and/or teaching language and have experience teaching. All teachers have Bachelors, and/or working toward higher degrees. Training for Kallpachay is an ongoing process, but starts with working with curriculum and methodologies we provide.


Summer camp counselors are well versed in what to do during camp because it is a continuation of their school year work

in our classes but with new themes, vocabulary and activities. Our teachers see this as a very important vocation and love

to see the smiles of accomplishment on their campers faces! 

I am happy to be in the position to hear all the wonderful stories of culture and place

families share with me. We want your kids to grow with us as we develop many more

innovative programs that will explore language and culture of all Spanish speaking countries.

Miriam Epstein,

Camp Director